Much Ado About Everything
Season 1, Episode 4
First Aired November 3, 2015
Writer(s) Dan Signer
Director(s) Sarah Cunningham
Episode Guide
"The Grand Opening"
Much Ado About Everything is the fourth episode of the first series of The Fashionistas. It aired on November 3, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Derek begins to think he is laid back, and not firm with the Fashionistas, so he turns to his teacher for help, and later finds himself caught in a chain of situations, which ends up in a huge disaster! Meanwhile, the rest of the Fashionistas put up a Fashion Show, and run into Raven Baxter!

Plot Edit

To be Added

Trivia Edit

  • Raven-Symone makes a special guest appearance as Raven Baxter in this episode.