The Grand Opening
Season 1, Episode 3
First Aired November 2, 2015
Writer(s) Dan Signer
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"The Winner Of Them All"
"Much Ado About Everything"
The Grand Opening is the third episode of the first series of The Fashionistas. It aired on November 2, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

The Fashionistas are chosen to open a new fashion shop in town for its grand opening, but the Juke overhears their plans and ruins the big day. Elsewhere, Kelsi begins to develop feelings for Derek, and Tyler and Tyrone open their own Sweet Shop.

Plot Edit

To Be added.....

Cast/Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Peyton Meyer as Derek
  • Kalama Epstein as Ferdinand Junior
  • Cecilia Balagot as Katie
  • Raini Rodriquez as Kelsi
  • Drew Roy as Tyrone Baxter
  • TBA as Tyler

Recurring Edit